How to Measure GCS to Assess Awareness Levels

Glasgow Coma Scale or GCS is a scale used to determine a person's level of consciousness. In the past, GCS was only used to determine the level of awareness of people suffering from head injuries. However, currently GCS is also used to assess the level of awareness when providing medical emergency relief. A person's level of consciousness can be assessed from three aspects namely the eyes, voice (speaking ability), and body movements. Before discussing how to find out your level of awareness with GCS, let's first discuss some of the causes that make a person's consciousness decrease. Causes of the Decreased Level of Someone's Consciousness The brain is the main organ in charge of maintaining awareness. In order to work properly, the brain needs adequate oxygen and glucose intake. Drinks such as coffee, chocolate, tea, and energy drinks that contain caffeine, have a stimulant effect on the brain, which can make a person more awake. Conversely, alcohol and certa
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